Over 100 Years of Getting Tough Jobs Done.

Since 1897, Trillium Flow Technologies Gabbioneta Pumps® brand has thrived by delivering precise and durable heavy-duty pumps to customers. Based in our state-of-the-art facility in Nova Milanese, Italy, our team includes dedicated professionals with expertise in the global refining, power, chemical and petrochemical industries. This rich expertise enables us to maximize our customers’ success on a global scale.

Each Gabbioneta Pump Is Unique.

Each Gabbioneta pump installed around the world, performing under tough conditions, provides new opportunities to extend working life, maximize operating efficiency, and mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime. Taking a ‘future first’ approach is key to the enduring value that we offer. We work closely with our customers to design each pump with the latest technology and advanced processes and deliver tailored centrifugal pumps specific to the demands of each individual application. We feature the entire API 610 range with overhung, between bearings, vertically suspended, single or multistage pumps designed for the most severe operating conditions.

Beyond Our Pumps Is Our One-Stop Shop for Service and Support.

The Gabbioneta Pumps® team puts the customer first. This means delivering outstanding service and dedication. Today, as one of Trillium Flow Technologies legacy brands, we partner with our clients from first inquiry to delivery, through project management, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing and post-sale services, operating as a “One-Stop Shop”.

Given the uniqueness of each Gabbioneta pump, the spare parts required through its service life need to be perfectly aligned to ensure performance today and in the future. Many of our pumps have service lives of over 30 years. That’s where our forward-thinking team demonstrates real value. We combine engineering expertise with detailed data on our installed base to identify pumps that will require OEM spares and work with you to ensure that performance remains optimal.

Gabbioneta Pumps® Increase Your Operating Life. And You Reap the Success.

By choosing Trillium Flow Technologies Gabbioneta spare parts, robustness, resilience and strength of our pumps is improved, significantly increasing the operating life of your project, which is a major benefit. We combine spares with applied knowledge of our Service Team and Certified Service Centers, to ensure that warranties can be extended by the installation of installed parts for customers.

A Unique Focus Today and Tomorrow.

Our focus is on your specific industry. And your success is our success. You can trust Gabbioneta Pumps® for expert technical support, around-the-clock assistance, training needs and maintenance.

Pre -Purchase Support

  • Tender specification creation & support
  • Necessary standards & compliance support
  • Full technical & commercial tenders
  • Offering of configured product or engineered to order solutions
  • In many cases supply of full technical package inclusive of provisional/final drawings

Equipment Supply

  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • API process pumps
  • Full pump skids with all ancillaries
  • Project management from basic to the most complex of packages
  • Capability to offer multiple manufacturing locations & localised content where required
  • Full pump performance testing
  • Pumpset string & endurance testing
  • Submergence, hydro & NPSH tests
  • Field testing
  • Condition monitoring on test or in -situ
  • CFD analysis

Full -Range Transactional Services

  • commissioning service or supervisory scope
  • Test runs & trial operations
  • On-the-job training of operating staff
  • Verification of system requirements & conditions
  • Modularised training packages
  • Systems & operations training
  • Training in maintenance
  • Combination of classroom & hands -on learning
  • Delivered in our training rooms or at your site
  • Rapid spares from stock
  • Trillium & non -Trillium [JJ3] equipment spares
  • Re-engineered & manufactured parts
  • On -site and workshop repairs & service
  • Outage, shutdown & turnaround maintenance
  • Rapid response service
  • Performance upgrades often within same pump or valve body
  • Material upgrades for pumps & valves
  • Mechanical redesign of seals, bearings or wear parts to latest technology
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • New unit performance proven by CFD and performance test
  • Trillium & third party brands all handled with the same quality approach

Asset Management / Total Service

  • Storage of parts or complete units
  • Engineering assessment of process and performance info for pumps, valves & drives
  • Long term service agreements (LTSA)
  • Engineering team review & provision of upgrades and re -rates
  • Service plans and framework agreements
  • Global network of product material specialists