We Deliver Results Through an Application Specific Pump Product Line and Expertise That Adds Value at Every Stage of Your Project.

Proven, trusted process pumps service and support at every stage of your operation remarkable solutions that maximize your operational life.

Trillium Flow Technologies™ offers you the same reliable legacy brands you have known for years:

Reduced Downtime Gives You Increased Confidence.

Now, our new approach gives your operation confidence beginning with our highly-engineered, customized pump line and continuing with a unique level of customer support and services throughout the life of your water or wastewater operation.

From grit removal to solids handling to municipal and private water projects of all sizes, our optimized service and dedicated industry focus gives your operation complete project support. We are with you throughout every stage with expert consulting engineers and responsive support that gives you the ultimate confidence day after day.

Rugged and Dependable, As Always.

You don’t want expensive environmental or economic failures. That’s why choosing reliable products is essential. Our corrosive resistant product lines of vertical turbines, recessed impellers, grit classifiers, and non-clog pumps are highly engineered to suit your specific applications. You are assured that our premier products will improve your facility efficiencies and performance, reduce maintenance and operating costs,and ensure your operation is a resounding success and stays that way!

Our Extensive Operation Reduces Your Downtime.

Every water or wastewater facility experiences downtime. With Trillium Flow Technologies established operation and supply chain, you’ll love the low cost and expedited speed at which our experienced service engineers can identify your issue and have replacement parts delivered and installed to have you up and running as soon as possible.

A Leader for a Reason.

It’s simple. Trillium Flow Technologies is a trusted leader in water and wastewater because our pumps are field-tested, robust, and known for unsurpassed quality and reduced maintenance. Couple that with our unique level of support and services for the life of your operation, and you’ve found the one partner you need to keep flowing.

Pre -Purchase Support

  • Project timeline preparation
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Material selection advice
  • System design & drawings
  • Tender specification creation & support
  • Necessary standards & compliance support
  • Full technical & commercial tenders
  • Offering of configured product or engineered to order solutions
  • In many cases supply of full technical package inclusive of provisional/final drawings
  • Full references to provide peace of mind

Equipment Supply

  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Specialist vortex, screw & pitot-tube pumps [JJ1]
  • Full pump skids with all ancillaries
  • Project management from basic to the most complex of packages
  • Engineered drop in replacement units
  • Full pump, valve, turbine & motor performance testing
  • Pumpset string & endurance testing
  • Submergence, hydro & NPSH tests
  • Field testing
  • Condition monitoring on test or in -situ
  • CFD analysis

Full -Range Transactional Services

  • Full installation [JJ2] & commissioning service or supervisory scope
  • Test runs & trial operations
  • On-the-job training of operating staff
  • Verification of system requirements & conditions
  • Modularised training packages
  • Systems & operations training
  • Training in maintenance
  • Combination of classroom & hands -on learning
  • Delivered in our training rooms or at your site
  • Rapid spares from stock
  • Trillium & non -Trillium [JJ3] equipment spares
  • Inventory rationalisation & validation
  • Customer inventory reduction programs
  • On -site and workshop repairs & service
  • Performance upgrades often within same pump or valve body
  • Material upgrades for pumps & valves

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