BV800 Series Contour Trim Valves

November 1, 2019|

The Blakeborough BV800/1/2/3 series is a top and bottom guided control valve offering customers flexibility, enduring design, and noise reduction options.

The BV800 and BV801 design of valves is a top and bottom guided design with a double seated plug. The valves are inherently balanced designs with pressure acting simultaneously on both the upper and lower plug heads. These valves offer a higher capacity than typical cage guided control valves. They are used across a wide variety of industries but are more commonly found in low and medium pressure applications in petro chemical applications. One niche application for these valves is on Mixing Duties where the valves are used to create turbulence between the oil and the water. The BV802 and BV803 valves are top and bottom guided designs with a single screwed seat. The valves are mainly applied to low and medium pressure petro/chemical applications where a tighter shut off is required.