BV986 Desuperheater

November 4, 2019|

The BV986 desuperheater is designed as a compact solution suitable for steam conditioning applications for pipe sizes up to 6".

This BV986 unit offers a relatively simple and inexpensive solution for applications which have low rangeability and stable steam demand. The unit is a simplified spray nozzle where the spray water is circulated around an internal gallery and then injected into the steam through a series of radial holes. The BV986 unit also fits between conventional flanges and is therefore easy to remove for service and maintenance purposes. The unit is connected to a stand-alone spray water valve which controls the amount of water being injected into the vapour. The BV986 can also be directly mounted onto the outlet of a pressure control valve so that water is injected into the turbulent vapour flow at the outlet of the valve. The BV986 desuperheater is used on pipe sizes from 25mm (1"") and above.

BV985 Desuperheater

November 4, 2019|

Our multi-nozzle desuperheater design is proven in thousands of installations. The BV985 offers increased CV ratings and improved rangeability with options of modified characteristics.

The BV985 spray nozzle is used on applications where high rangeability is required with direct control across the spray nozzle. The BV985 is designed so that steam is injected into the centre of the pipe resulting in minimum droplet contact against the pipe walls. Water is injected across a series of 12 variable area nozzles which atomises the water into micro fine droplets resulting in faster absorption rates and shorter outlet steam pipe lengths. The amount of water injected into the pipe is directly controlled by the valve plug which is in turn controlled by the actuator. Where the pressure differential between the cooling medium and the vapour exceeds 60 bar, a two stage nozzle is available that extends the available pressure drop range to 100 bar. The two stage nozzle ensures erosion across the valve plug is minimised.