AutoTork actuators and flow control systems deliver effective results in harsh environments. AutoTork, a Hopkinsons® sub brand, was developed to support technological optimization of Hopkinsons valves.

Why Power Turns to AutoTork.

In the conventional and nuclear power generation industries, AutoTork is synonymous with reliability, efficiency and safety.

No matter how harsh the operating environment, our trusted actuators and flow control systems set the standard for performance, durability and effective application. Our product lines are field-tested and proven, time after time.

For More Than 35 Years.

For more than 35 years, our engineers have worked closely with customers and industry-leading valve production activities to develop, manufacture and maintain AutoTork actuators and flow control systems.

A Proven Legacy Brand.

AutoTork customers benefit from the unparalleled experience of our engineering teams and our extensive international business network. We understand the importance of actuators in the specialized industries we work with, and we are proud to help our customers provide clean, safe and economical energy. Our actuators are designed to help design safe work environments in high capacity units, regulate critical lines and improve operational efficiency.

AutoTork's Approach Gives You Confidence.

Because our focus is on fossil and nuclear power, our approach starts with highly engineered solutions that deliver optimum performance, reliability and safety, and it continues with a unique level of service and support for every stage of the life of your operation.

Trillium Flow Technologies is a partner who is with you all the way, knowledgeable in your applications and responsive to your needs. With AutoTork, you can have complete confidence in your flow control solutions.