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Precision Crafted For Aerospace

In addition to nuclear valve expertise, Trillium Flow Technologies is recognized as a high-precision components manufacturing specialist for more than 40 years.

Our facility in Saint-Victoret, France, has successfully applied its expertise and know-how to high-precision manufacturing, sub-assembling, and hydraulic and pneumatic testing with the manufacturing center predominantly dedicated to the aerospace industry.

Trillium Flow Technologies provides precision manufacturing services to an array of customers, from Aircraft and Helicopter Designers & Manufacturers to Nuclear Power Plants, crafting meticulously high-precision components and sub-assemblies. We also offer precise machined parts to Systems Integrators and comprehensive maintenance services to Maintenance Centers, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance across sectors.

Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver precision machining – bringing to life intricate machined parts and mechanical assemblies. To complement this, we conduct rigorous electrical and hydraulic tests using advanced software solutions such as TopSolid & Solid Edge.

Our team relies on its expertise in assembling mechanical substructures, where we implement specialized processes such as ring-locked (Rosan) laying, structural and nonstructural riveting, shrink-fitting, crimping, bonding, paint retouching, and varnishing. To ensure the reliability of our products, we undertake comprehensive strength and operational testing. In addition to production, we offer various maintenance services, including disassembling, cleaning, parts replacement, reassembly, and further testing.

Our culture, deeply rooted in nuclear and aeronautics, upholds stringent quality standards, ensuring optimal tolerance levels and using specific materials. Further enhancing our offerings, we operate a dedicated supply chain that optimizes lead times and reduces costs. All our processes are underpinned by a lean culture, which prioritizes maximizing value and eliminating waste, delivering excellence to every facet of our work.

Aeronautic structures and components: Fittings, engines (mounts, casings, nozzles), mounting brackets, stiffeners
– Nuclear components: nozzles, discs, valve heads, bodies, fittings
– Hydraulic sub-assemblies: Collectors, bleed valves, connectors, actuators, hydro-mechanical governors, servo valves, control systems (HMU, FCU), oil spray system/oil jet
– Mechanical sub-assemblies: Doors kinematics, levers, rods, cockpit joystick, toolings

– 5,900 sqm under one roof roof)
– 12,000 sqm site
– 170 employees

– DMU 125 FD duoBlock: 5 axis machining center (turning/milling) with travel of 1,250/1,000/1,000 mm
– DMU 60 eVo (robotic automation): 5 axis machining center (turning/milling) with travel of 600 x 500 x 500 mm
– DMU 70 (robotic automation): 5 axis machining center (milling) with travel of 750 x 600 x 520 mm
– DMU 50 Deckel Maho (robotic automation): 5 axis machining center (milling) with travel of 500 x 450 x 400 mm
– Integrex 200 Mazak: 4 axis CNC lathe
– Two Hardinge Conquest 42 SP: 3 axis CNC lathes
– CTX 400: 3 axis CNC lathe
– Kasto twin A2: saw

– Assembly & testing equipment: hydraulic presses, hand press machines, oven, fume hoods, dye penetrant test machine
– Test bench: hydrostatic tests (air, water, oil), flow tests, electrical tests, spray tests (air, oil), calibration tests (on valves, discs)
– Measuring tools: coordinated measuring machine (CMM), portable ROMER arm, measuring column, profile projector, roughness tester

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