Trillium Flow Technologies Legacy Brand Allen Steam Turbines operates from a dedicated center of service based in Bedford UK. The company has a long and distinguished history supplying steam turbines including service of the installed OEM fleet together with other manufacturer’s machines throughout Europe and the World.

Today the operation specialise in high integrity custom solutions for the maintenance and repair of all steam Turbine manufacturers’ products. Including supply and ongoing support of Steam Turbines to the UK Ministry of Defence, in particular the Royal Navy’s submarine strategic nuclear deterrent force.

Customised Steam Turbine Solutions: Product and Service

With an extensive knowledge and expertise in steam turbines established from the installed fleet of W H Allen, Allen-KKK & SSK ranges, and NG-Allen OEM installed turbines. This knowledge base allows specialisation in high integrity customised solutions for the maintenance and repair of all Steam turbine manufacturers products.

Situated in modern premises located in Oakley, Bedfordshire, the operation supports customers in varying industries including Biomass, Waste to Energy, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Chemical, Sugar, Paper and Pulp and Naval Marine. Together with the engineering knowledge base for steam turbines services and backed by a qualified supply chain all projects are completed in compliance with international Quality and SHE standards (ISO9001, 14001, 18001).

The project and engineering solution team ensure a comprehensive range of services from initial site surveys through to long terms service arrangements. Services are carried out in collaboration with customers’ existing resources together with other Trillium Flow Technologies facilities as required.