Trillium Flow Technologies™ aims to become an industry leader in environmental improvement, betterment of people, and the communities in which we operate while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


  • Take actions to demonstrate the importance of people, the environment, and integrity
  • Integrate sustainable solutions into our products, services, and operations
  • Comply with all regulations and standards within the countries we operate
  • To review, annually report, and continually improve on sustainability initiatives


  • To positively impact our global environment by continuously improving our facilities, processes, and supply chains, while providing innovative solutions to customers to accomplish similar goals
  • To invest in our employees and communities as to improve their wellbeing
  • To carry out business in an ethical and integrous manner


  • Establish a Sustainability Committee
  • Identify sustainability performance measures and launch improvement programs
  • Reduce emissions and energy and water consumption through defined programs and regular reporting
  • Design and manufacture products utilizing green processes and materials as to positively impact the value chain
  • Prioritize the physical and mental health of our employees
  • Promote diversity throughout the organization
  • Develop employees
  • Help to develop skills and opportunities for those in our local communities
  • Work to sustain and create jobs in the communities in which we operate
  • Give back to local communities through philanthropy
  • Provide the framework, training, and resources to ensure our business in conducted in a positive and integrous manner
  • Embed a culture of global citizenship

This charter applies to all employees, contractors, products and services, joint ventures, and stakeholders under Trillium Flow Technologies™ operational control.