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simple, yet effective

Roto-Jet®, a prominent brand within Trillium Flow Technologies, specializes in high-pressure, single-stage centrifugal pumps featuring advanced pitot tube technology tailored for demanding low-flow, high-head applications. This innovative design, often called “the backward pump” due to its unique rotating case, has solidified Roto-Jet’s reputation as a solution provider for complex high-pressure pumping challenges across various industries​​.


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Roto-Jet® pumps, a key offering of Trillium Flow Technologies, are engineered to excel in demanding industrial applications. These high-pressure, single-stage centrifugal pumps employ advanced pitot tube technology, making them ideal for challenging low-flow, high-head scenarios. They have gained global acclaim for reliability and robustness in diverse industries, from pump and paper to food and beverage, chemical processing​​​​, and even oil and gas applications.

The design philosophy behind Roto-Jet® pumps is to provide a simple yet effective solution. These pumps add energy to the fluid through a rotor, while the stationary pitot tube converts this velocity energy into static pressure. This innovative approach delivers several key benefits: no need for external lube systems, an absence of wear rings or close running clearances, and a robust design resilient to process upsets. Additionally, these pumps offer pulsation-free flow, reduced lifecycle costs through optimized hydraulic efficiency, and the ability to achieve high heads at low operating speeds compared to other low-flow, high-head pumps​​.

These features collectively ensure that Roto-Jet® pumps meet and exceed various industrial sectors’ rigorous demands, offering a dependable and efficient flow control solution. The availability of comprehensive spare parts and dedicated support from Trillium Flow Technologies further enhances the reliability and longevity of Roto-Jet® pumps, making them a preferred choice in demanding industrial environments.