When selecting a safety or pressure relief valve, it’s imperative to understand the criteria and limitations of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Join our webinar to learn more about API limitations, the importance of combining API and ASME, and see how our testing methods go beyond the requirements of API.


Our SARASIN-RSBD® pressure relief valves are tested to leakage criteria as described in API STD 527, ensuring your operation’s safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Webinar Details

During this webinar, we will cover two key issues that can arise in safety valve sizing methods: non-optimized orifice area and poor installation practices. These problems often stem from relying solely on the primary sizing method based on only API’s guidelines.

To create a more comprehensive sizing method and optimize processes while reducing the total cost of ownership, we will highlight the importance of combining API and ASME guidelines and understanding their limitations by pushing beyond them.

Join us to learn more.


March 23rd, 2023


Who Should Attend:

EPC Companies, End Users, Engineering and Projects teams working within the Power Generation sectors.


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Sébastien Vermeulen
Global Product Manager, Sarasin-RSBD® Pressure Relief Valves

Sébastien has over 15 years of engineering experience, with the last decade dedicated to the flow control industry; the last eight years exclusively with Trillium Flow Technologies. His roles span various engineering and management positions. Sébastien holds a degree in engineering and product design from ESTIA Institute of Technology as well as a Master of Science (M.S.) from Cranfield University.

Benoit Gantiez
Research and Development Supervisor, Sarasin-RSBD® Pressure Relief Valves

Benoit Gantiez earned a Master’s degree from Arts et Metiers Paristech in 2009. He worked at Malbranque from 2009 to 2012, becoming Technical and Quality Manager at AXON Pressure Products that year. In 2015, he joined Trillium Flow Technologies as a nuclear design engineer and was promoted to Research and Development Supervisor in 2019, leading the design and qualification of the SARASIN-RSBD Spring loaded and pilot operated safety valve.

Sarasin 86 Series Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve 8