Training for the Fresno Team on the WSP Self Primer Pump
Last month, team members from Salt Lake City, Utah traveled to Fresno, California to conduct training on the first value stream to move to the Fresno facility – the WSP Self Primer Pump. The training event went very well. First, a three-inch WSP Self-Primer pump was set up, and the team conducted coaching on how to systematically adjust the pump during a test, ensuring correct flow and head requirements. Attendees of the training in Fresno included the assembly team, who reviewed the tooling and torque procedures and oil leaves on the three-inch self–primer rotating assembly. Troubleshooting rotating assemblies (lip seal failures), construction of six-inch rotating assemblies, and test stand procedures were also trained last month.

This month our team members from Fresno are spending time in Salt Lake City receiving additional training, which will be on-going for all our products throughout 2021.