Assembler Training
Late last year, seasoned assembly technicians from Fresno, California, traveled to Salt Lake City to train the next value streams to be relocated to the Fresno facility. They spent two weeks engaged in step-by-step training on packing gland assembly, final assembly of the WEMCO Model C pump, how to perform the hydro-test and assembly of complete package units. Our Salt Lake City team also provided additional assembly training on the Wemco Screw-Flow pump, Wemco Hydrogritter, and Roto-Jet gearbox increasers.

Earlier this month, a Fresno fabrication team member (pictured) spent two weeks in Salt Lake City training on Flux core welding, the flight bender machine, brake press, and the metal cutting bandsaw.

In addition, our engineering and IT teams in Fresno and Salt Lake City have been working together to support the products manufactured in both locations. Currently, they are merging the engineering specifications, standards, and procedures for key product lines, to ensure a smooth transition from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Fresno, California.