Trillium Fresno Solar

In 2020, Trillium set out to renew our focus on becoming a more sustainable business. Many of our facilities around the world are leaders in integrating sustainability practices into their day-to-day operations. As we grow on our sustainability journey throughout 2021, we are excited to share these success stories with you.

Today, our spotlight features our Pumps USA facility in Fresno, California – the future home of our world-class North American pump headquarters. As the facility grows, the team continues to implement cost-effective and environmentally renewable strategies to develop the Trillium Flow Technologies of the future.

At the end of 2020, the Fresno facility received approval for a multi-million dollar investment for solar panel installation on site. Over 2,700 solar panels will be installed in Fresno, covering two buildings, new carports, and a ground installation. These panels will provide the plant the electricity needed to manage production ramp up with all US Pumps product lines moving to Fresno throughout 2021. Further, it is expected to cut energy costs by over 50% in the first year.

In addition to these efficiencies, over the life of this solar panel system, over 31,000 tons of CO2 will be eliminated from Fresno's carbon footprint. This switch to clean energy yields the equivalent of:

  • Planting 725,562 trees or,
  • Reducing driving by 62,280,000 auto miles or burning 3,176,280 gallons of gasoline or, 
  • Recycling 98,402 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill

The installation is expected to be completed later in 2021. Hats off to Fresno's team for their leadership and dedication to integrating greener practices into our business and better serving our communities by reducing our carbon footprint. We look forward to sharing what other teams from around Trillium are implementing this year to promote sustainability in our organization.