What is a triple offset butterfly valve?

The butterfly valve has a very compact design belonging to the quarter family. It’s lightweight, easy to operate, and has lower torque. It’s considered a top choice for critical and severe applications. The triple offset valve design achieves zero leakage on metal-to-metal contact. The hard facing seat eliminates the rubbing between the seat and seal ring through the flow path to extend the cycle life. Its uniform sealing can operate more frequently, and open and close quickly.

What makes it a butterfly valve?

Butterfly valves contain a stem that consists of three offset disks in the middle of the floor. These valves consist of a center-line with three offsets located in different positions. The balance of this valve is the stem placed behind the circular disc of this to self-adjust to the center ensuring tight sealing. Two offsets are placed from the center while the third is on the seating surface, creating a disc and seat cone shape. These valves are used where a tight shut-off, high temperatures, or zero leakage is needed. This cone angle and the two eccentric shaft offsets allow the disc to seal against the seat with no friction. They are used in applications with unique challenges such as abrasive material, high pressure or temperature, and even those prone to leaks.

The benefits of triple offset butterfly valves

These valves come in various designs and materials specific to the systems involved. They are recognized for excellent flow and control characteristics, tight sealing capabilities, and dependability across critical and severe applications. They are suited for applications requiring absolute zero leakage. Triple offset valves are hard facing, metal-to-metal valves with a longer lifespan. They are used in similar industries where a double offset valve would be used but are even more effective in demanding and tight applications such with over 900-1,500 psi or high-temperature gas or liquid.

What makes Trillium’s triple offset butterfly valves different?

Choosing a suitable valve is essential for the success of any flow control system. Trillium Flow Technologies™’ brand, TRICENTRIC®, delivers outstanding value in their triple offset butterfly valves. They meet stringent industry requirements and provide low cost of ownership to the end-user through improved life cycle costs, emissions control, less downtime, and low maintenance costs. You can count on Trillium Flow Technologies™ valves for complete flow control success. Our reliable legacy brands, like TRICENTRIC®, and a team of dedicated support and services experts, ensure that you have a trusted partner who adds value at every phase of your project cycle. You’ll have confidence in your flow control now and in the future.