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During this challenging era, it’s essential to find ways to elevate relationships with customers and potential customers. Businesses across the board have had to get creative on how they make money, but one thing that never gets old is adding value. On this episode of Flow Cast by Trillium Flow Technologies, host Shelby Skrhak talked to Frank Gilhooly, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Trillium, about adding value for customers and potential customers during these COVID-constrained times.

Sales and marketing are different, but they go hand-in-hand. They rely on one another, and both need each other. After 35 years in the industrial products industry, Gilhooly has found that each has its role and that the two are like a relay team.“The better the collaboration, the better the outcome on both sides,” Gilhooly said. But, anything that happens for either department always starts with the customer. Of course, all things must take into account Trillium’s company-wide strategic plan. Gilhooly always focuses on how they commercialize product strategies, improve their presence in front of the customer and help customers achieve their goals.“We want to marry the tools and align marketing and sales to help us reach more customers in a world where face-to-face communication is extremely difficult and expensive,” Gilhooly said. Listen to learn more about how Trillium is helping customers find value in these difficult times.

Listen below:

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