At the beginning of 2020, our Executive Leadership Team committed to creating Trillium Flow Technologies’ inaugural sustainability report. Trillium has built a strong foundation of ESG programs in key areas like safety, diversity & inclusion, and responsible manufacturing. By committing to issuing this first sustainability report, we had the meaningful opportunity to measure our ESG progress and achievements and better understand exactly where we want these programs to go in the future.


This report showcases Trillium’s global commitment to sustainability, as well as the people, programs, and policies currently in place that help us achieve our ESG goals. Subject matter interviews with internal experts on these topics started in January of this year, and the dedication of our global and cross-functional team brought this report to life. Today we are excited to share it with the greater organization, our customers, and other key stakeholders.


The report includes a letter from our Chief Executive Officer, David Paradis, where he states that Trillium prioritizes sustainability because our customers prefer doing business with responsible partners, our employees want to work for a caring company, and our investors know it creates value. He also shared the following thoughts on the issuance of our first sustainability report:
“I am so proud of the great work going on around the world at Trillium Flow Technologies to better our people, our communities, our customers, and the environment. We have strong sustainability practices and programs embedded into our culture that follow our greater Vision, Mission, and Values, and I am pleased to share our commitments and progress on these fronts with our stakeholders in this first sustainability report.”
Click to view the Trillium Flow Technologies 2020 Sustainability Report