Trillium integrates sustainability into our business and aspires to be an industry leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. We are committed to establishing ambitious ESG goals, proactively measuring our progress, and reporting our results. Today, we are proud to share our second Sustainability Report with the greater organization, our customers, and other key stakeholders. Our Sustainability report contains information and select metrics for relevant disclosure topics in the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Industrial Machinery & Goods Sustainability Accounting Standard and the Global Reporting Initiative Standards.

The foundation of this report is the ESG Roadmap developed by Trillium’s global, cross-functional Sustainability Committee. The committee identified eight key topics through meetings with internal stakeholders, including the Executive Leadership Team, and mapped the topics to the Trillium Values. A third-party sustainability consultant reviewed the ESG Roadmap, guided the selection of reporting frameworks, and provided feedback on the materiality assessment to ensure Trillium tracks and reports meaningful information that will ultimately drive our ESG progress.

Our Chief Executive Officer, David Paradis, shares that our focus on sustainable business practices has contributed to our success and translated into more rewarding relationships with our customers, employees, communities, and investors. He said:

“With hard work, a thoughtful strategy, and dedicated leadership, we have established a solid foundation to run a sustainable, global business. Now, as we enter our fourth year of operations, we need to set our minds to continuous improvement and to rigorously measure our ESG progress in real, tangible accomplishments. We need to continue to differentiate ourselves through innovation and customer service and by building safe, reliable, efficient products. It is critical that we hold ourselves to the same high standard for ESG performance as we do for our operational and financial results.”