Submersible pumps are designed to be fully submerged in the pumped fluid along with their motor. These units are often compared against conventional VS1 type units and they can often be a lower-cost alternative for lower and medium flows and pressures. While they can be used across multiple industries, they are most commonly used in the industrial and wastewater sectors.

How are submersible pumps made?

  • Smaller sizes are built from stock
    • Custom applications and sizes are made to order
    • Case and impellers are usually cast
    • Remaining parts are manufactured from forged bar

Once assembled, submersible pumps will be installed in a tank or open pit and move fluid from the bottom of the tank or pit to the surface.

The benefits of a submersible pump

The main advantage to submersible pumps is that they often have lower capital expenditure and installation costs than conventional vertically suspended pumps. However, a tradeoff is service and inspection can be more challenging, and motor availability options can be limited for repair or replacement.

What makes Trillium’s submersible pumps different?

Our submersible pumps are highly engineered with a unique level of service and support for the life of your operation. No matter your industry, our dedicated Trillium Flow Technologies team ensures your success and gives you confidence year after year, project after project. We can assure you of guidance, responsive solutions, and long-term plans that optimize your efficiency and resources.