Vertical turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps created to help anywhere there isn’t sufficient pressure in a system. They are primarily used in water applications but widely range in many industries and applications. Its vertical design makes it more practical than a similar submersible system to keep the engine dry and free of potential risks.

How are vertical turbine pumps used?

Vertical turbine pumps are commonly used in pits or wells that provide irrigation or water supply to places that rely on groundwater rather than surface water. They are used where submersible pumps are not possible because the flow is above the range of turbines or the motor mounted at the top of the pump is preferred.

The benefits of a vertical turbine pump

One pump consists of a motor, discharge head, one or more pipe columns, a line shaft, pump shaft, multiple bowls, impellers, and a suction bell. There are hundreds of variations and applications to help with pressure limitations in various industries. Its small footprint allows you to use it without the worry of exceeding regulations. Its services cover everything from pump transfers to offloading, downstream, petrochemical, midstream, upstream, and offshore applications.

What makes Trillium’s vertical turbine pumps different?

Our legacy brand vertical turbine pumps are highly engineered with a unique level of service and support for the life of your operation. Through continuous improvements to materials, product design, engineering, and manufacturing, we minimize downtime for our customers’ operations by providing a reliable product.