Starvalve (RS type) Changeover Valve

November 1, 2019|

The Sarasin-RSBD Starvalve series of Changeover Valves provides a safe and efficient method of switching from an active to a standby Pressure Relief Valve.

The Starvalve Changeover Valve provides easy maintenance for a Pressure Relief Valve without having a process shutdown. It is designed to meet industry standard low pressure drop requirements and features a tested packing design with minimal leak points reducing fugitive emissions. Due to the changeover valve's design, no seat lapping is required for maintenance meaning there are minimal spare parts and a reduced cost of ownership. It reduces the risk of a pressure relief valve chattering from excessive pressure drop through traditional shuttle type changeover valves. The Starvalve is a rotor type changeover valve which maintains a pressure drop of pressure below 3% through its body. This changeover valve is designed for use in refineries within the petrochemical and cryogenic industries.