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Trillium Flow Technologies’ WSP brand epitomizes rugged, dependable self-priming pumps, that excel in solids handling and trash pump applications. Notable for its maintenance-friendly design, the WSP pump range stands out for its tool-less impeller adjustments and easy flap valve replacement, making it a preferred choice in food and beverage processing, waste management, and material processing​​.


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WSP™ pumps, a key Trillium Flow Technologies brand, are designed as robust and reliable self-priming, solids-handling trash pumps. With an emphasis on simplifying maintenance and reducing life cycle costs, these pumps offer innovative designs and enhanced durability​​​​. The WSP™ range is tailored to serve a variety of industries globally, including food and beverage processing, waste management, and material processing, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to different operational needs​​.

Engineered with the most durable wear and corrosion-resistant materials, WSP™ pumps are manufactured in Trillium’s state-of-the-art facility in Fresno, California, adhering to strict API, HI, and NSF standards. This commitment to quality ensures both longevity and the safety of operators, with design features like the fill port cover and clamp bar assembly that prevent accidental breaches​​.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of local and private sector clients, WSP™ pumps deliver efficiency and reliability, with low operating costs. The lineup includes innovative models like the Chop-Flow Food Transfer, Anti-Clogging, and Self-Priming models, available in various configurations and sizes to meet specific industrial needs​​. Our focus on meeting customer-specific requirements, combined with a wide range of spare parts and comprehensive support, positions WSP™ pumps as a dependable and efficient choice in the industrial market.