November 4, 2019|

Roto-Jet RO-FT API 610 pump works specifically for demanding low-flow high-head services fully meeting the requirements of API 610.

The RO-FT between-bearing configuration provides a reliable, robust and easy to maintain pump for the midstream and downstream refining, petrochemical and chemical processing industries. Designed specifically for demanding low-flow high-head services, this pump fully meets the requirements of API 610. The operating characteristics of the Roto-Jet® RO-FT API 610 pump are simple and similar to a conventional centrifugal pump. Energy is added to the fluid via the rotor, and the stationary Pitot tube converts the fluid velocity energy into static pressure. In addition, the Roto-Jet® RO-FT API 610 pump has been specifically designed to achieve a broad operating range without generating damaging hydraulic forces during a process upset. These attributes result in improved mechanical seal and bearing life to maximise Mean Time Between Failure, and decrease operational and maintenance costs, which make the Roto-Jet the most cost effective choice for low-flow high head process applications.

High Pressure Pitot Tube Pumps

October 17, 2019|

Roto-Jet pumps are high pressure single-stage centrifugal pumps using advanced pitot tube technology and are designed to handle tough applications across multiple industries.

Roto-Jet® pumps have a unique pitot tube technology that provide a more durable solution in demanding and difficult, high pressure general industrial and API applications.