Lasting performance meets unmatched reliability with Floway® Pumps.

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90 years of excellence

Floway®, a distinguished brand of Trillium Flow Technologies, boasts over 90 years of excellence in vertical turbine pumps, with a deep history in mining applications. Renowned for their superior quality and reliable hydraulic performance, Floway® pumps are a testament to enduring engineering and design​​.


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Floway® pumps are an integral part of Trillium Flow Technologies and have been a benchmark in the mining and minerals industries for over 90 years. Internationally acclaimed for their reliable performance, our Floway® portfolio caters to mining, water, wastewater, and oil and gas industries. What sets Floway® apart is the combination of superior quality and reliable hydraulic performance, which ensures a long service life under challenging operational conditions​​. Understanding the critical nature of mining operations, Floway® pumps are constructed with the most durable wear and corrosion-resistant materials. Our design and manufacturing processes further enhance this commitment to longevity, adhering strictly to API, HI, and NSF standards at our state-of-the-art facility in Fresno, California​​.

The mining industry, known for its harsh and demanding environments, necessitates equipment that can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining operational efficiency. Our range of Floway® pump systems meets these challenges, minimizing downtime and disruption – which is crucial in mining operations.

Our continuous advancements in materials, product design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques enhance operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. This focus on innovation, coupled with our extensive range of spare parts and thorough-life service, positions Floway® pumps as a dependable solution in the mining industry​.