BV994 & BV995 Turbine Bypass Valves

November 4, 2019|

The BV994/995 is an innovative product designed for power customers to combine steam pressure reducing and desuperheating stations.

The Trillium BV994/BV995 Turbine Bypass Valve is a highly sophisticated engineered control device. Conceptually, it is required to accurately control multiple operational variables, provide system protection to both upstream and downstream plant components, and sometimes perform these tasks all in a fraction of a second. Depending on the overall system size, bypass mode of operation and customer preference, there is almost an endless selection of options and configurations that can be applied to the BV995 bypass valve construction. The Weir BV995 Turbine Bypass Valve design can be varied to accommodate the particular plant design, size, and application. It is available in a range of options and configurations to assure optimum performance regardless of the mode of operation. The high pressure (HP) bypass valves are subject to some of the highest pressures and temperatures. They may be utilized in either a Parallel or Cascading Bypass System.

BV986 Desuperheater

November 4, 2019|

The BV986 desuperheater is designed as a compact solution suitable for steam conditioning applications for pipe sizes up to 6".

This BV986 unit offers a relatively simple and inexpensive solution for applications which have low rangeability and stable steam demand. The unit is a simplified spray nozzle where the spray water is circulated around an internal gallery and then injected into the steam through a series of radial holes. The BV986 unit also fits between conventional flanges and is therefore easy to remove for service and maintenance purposes. The unit is connected to a stand-alone spray water valve which controls the amount of water being injected into the vapour. The BV986 can also be directly mounted onto the outlet of a pressure control valve so that water is injected into the turbulent vapour flow at the outlet of the valve. The BV986 desuperheater is used on pipe sizes from 25mm (1"") and above.

BV985 Desuperheater

November 4, 2019|

Our multi-nozzle desuperheater design is proven in thousands of installations. The BV985 offers increased CV ratings and improved rangeability with options of modified characteristics.

The BV985 spray nozzle is used on applications where high rangeability is required with direct control across the spray nozzle. The BV985 is designed so that steam is injected into the centre of the pipe resulting in minimum droplet contact against the pipe walls. Water is injected across a series of 12 variable area nozzles which atomises the water into micro fine droplets resulting in faster absorption rates and shorter outlet steam pipe lengths. The amount of water injected into the pipe is directly controlled by the valve plug which is in turn controlled by the actuator. Where the pressure differential between the cooling medium and the vapour exceeds 60 bar, a two stage nozzle is available that extends the available pressure drop range to 100 bar. The two stage nozzle ensures erosion across the valve plug is minimised.

BV830 & BV831 Three Way Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Blakeborough BV830/831 series are popular top and skirt guided control valves available to customers in a variety of trims, capacities, and options.

The BV830 and BV831 valves are designed for either blending two different flows or for dividing a flow into two proportional streams. The valves can be used on a wide variety of process applications, including air, water, steam, oil, gases and chemical services. The BV830 has two inlets and a common outlet branch. It is used for proportional blending of two flows into one stream, on such applications as the control of process fluid temperature downstream of feedwater heaters. The valve can also be used as a mixing valve to control the blending of two flow streams. The flow capacity is normally constant unless the valve trim is specifically designed with two different CVs. The BV831 valves are used for proportional control on flow splitting applications. The valve has two outlets and a common inlet branch.

BV990 & BV992 Cage Trim Valves Class 900lb and above

November 4, 2019|

Suitable to general, medium and severe service applications for low-medium pressure rating, cage guided, quick change trim, available in all configurations.

Cage guided design that can accommodate several options of trims with increasing performance in controlling noise, erosion and vibration Trims are interchangeable within the same pressure boundary design allowing ease of upgrade. No trim components is welded or screwed in the body ensuring simple, low cost, in line maintenance. Additional features available are: soft seating for class VI shut off, downstream silencer for noise reduction, seat diffuser for body protection, balanced pilot for high tight shut off performance, live loaded packing for prolonged high emission protection, extended bonnet for cryogenic and high temperature applications.

X-Stream trim for severe services

November 4, 2019|

X-Stream represents the state of the art in severe service trim. Innovative design and engineering techniques enabled us to deliver a multi stage trim for severe service applications.

The Blakeborough® X-Stream™ represents the state of the art in severe service trim. Combining different velocity control methods it eliminates at the root problems related to cavitation, erosion, noise or vibration. The concept derives from intuition refined by sophisticated simulation techniques and it's validated by accurate testing and hundreds of installations. Its design develops the traditional concept of disk stack multistage trim to its maximum potential combining the effect of three different methods of velocity reduction. At the same time it minimises risk of blockage in case of solids and achieves high capacity resulting in compact dimensions. X-stream™ is the only trim that ensures Total Velocity Control: fluid velocity is not limited only at trim exit but throughout the flow path.

BV500 & BV501 Cage Trim Valves up to Class 600lb Rating

November 4, 2019|

Design suitable to general, medium and severe service applications, cage guided, quick change trim, available in inline globe, angle, Y and Z configuration.

The BV500 and 501 series are highly versatile valves, and as a result we are pleased to offer the following options to customers: Cage guided Wide range of trim options Simple, low cost, in line maintenance Comprehensive interchangeable parts systems High-stability plug guiding High flow capacity Trim interchangeability within the same body design

BV800 Series Contour Trim Valves

November 1, 2019|

The Blakeborough BV800/1/2/3 series is a top and bottom guided control valve offering customers flexibility, enduring design, and noise reduction options.

The BV800 and BV801 design of valves is a top and bottom guided design with a double seated plug. The valves are inherently balanced designs with pressure acting simultaneously on both the upper and lower plug heads. These valves offer a higher capacity than typical cage guided control valves. They are used across a wide variety of industries but are more commonly found in low and medium pressure applications in petro chemical applications. One niche application for these valves is on Mixing Duties where the valves are used to create turbulence between the oil and the water. The BV802 and BV803 valves are top and bottom guided designs with a single screwed seat. The valves are mainly applied to low and medium pressure petro/chemical applications where a tighter shut off is required.

BV992 & BV993 Choke Valves

November 1, 2019|

Versatile medium and severe service choke valves feature cage-guided design for production, separation injection applications thanks to the possibility to fit severe service trims.

Trillium offers a full range of control chokes based on both API and ASME designs according to the specific customer requirements. Materials offered are either cast or forged to match customer specifications. Trim designs are flexible according to the applications and fluid content. Trillium has a great deal of experience in supplying designs suitable for both high pressure drops and high levels of sand content. We are often asked to provide specific solutions to unique flow control issues.Where tungsten carbide trims are required, Trillium can offer a high toughness non-collapsible trim. The trim options for choke valves are extensive according to the process conditions. Trillium can offer single, multi-stage or severe service trims in hard faced steel, tungsten carbide or ceramic. The valves have streamline flow passages to prevent fluid impingement and minimise erosion. The trim is selected to eliminate clogging as appropriate to the fluid contamination. Valves are top entry which ensures the valves can be easily serviced without removal from the line. All valve trim components are clamped into the valve meaning that no special tooling is required for service.