High Performance Safety Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG, Nuclear, and Petrochemical Applications.

The Trillium Flow Technologies Sarasin-RSBD® brand offers a comprehensive range of safety valves for use in the oil & gas, petrochemical and fossil and nuclear power industries.

A Comprehensive Range of Premier Safety Valves

The Sarasin-RSBD portfolio addresses a wide range of industrial applications in
which protective action against overpressure is required. Sarasin-RSBD products
are recognized globally for their quality, innovative design and durability.

Today, our state-of-the-art facility in Vendin-le-Vieil, France, manufactures the following Sarasin-RSBD Pressure Relief Valves:

  • Direct spring-operated pressure relief valves
  • Pilot operated pressure relief valves for general applications
  • Sarasin-RSBD Starsteam (V series) pressure relief valves for steam service
  • Changeover valves

Dedicated Product Specialists

Under our PRODIM program, our team of dedicated experts can assist you throughout the process, from product selection through the commissioning of all safety related devices. Together with the experience and expertise of the factories, PRODIM can provide essential advice and support for all safety related questions.

Safety Comes First, Always

For safety valves that provide optimum performance, safety and reliability – turn to Sarasin-RSBD. We’re singularly focused on manufacturing the top safety valves and backup devices for your industry.

Full -Range Transactional Services

  • Full installation [JJ2] & commissioning service or supervisory scope
  • Test runs & trial operations
  • On-the-job training of operating staff
  • Verification of system requirements & conditions
  • Modularised training packages
  • Systems & operations training
  • Training in maintenance
  • Combination of classroom & hands -on learning
  • Delivered in our training rooms or at your site
  • On -site and workshop repairs & service
  • Outage, shutdown & turnaround maintenance
  • Rapid response service
  • Online safety valve testing & analysis
  • Performance upgrades often within same pump or valve body
  • Material upgrades for pumps & valves
  • Pressure relief valve inventory for replacements and repairs
  • ASME certified shops for valve repair and assembly
  • Technical expertise on Sarasin-RSBD products

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