BV994 & BV995 Turbine Bypass Valves

November 4, 2019|

The BV994/995 is an innovative product designed for power customers to combine steam pressure reducing and desuperheating stations.

The Trillium BV994/BV995 Turbine Bypass Valve is a highly sophisticated engineered control device. Conceptually, it is required to accurately control multiple operational variables, provide system protection to both upstream and downstream plant components, and sometimes perform these tasks all in a fraction of a second. Depending on the overall system size, bypass mode of operation and customer preference, there is almost an endless selection of options and configurations that can be applied to the BV995 bypass valve construction. The Weir BV995 Turbine Bypass Valve design can be varied to accommodate the particular plant design, size, and application. It is available in a range of options and configurations to assure optimum performance regardless of the mode of operation. The high pressure (HP) bypass valves are subject to some of the highest pressures and temperatures. They may be utilized in either a Parallel or Cascading Bypass System.

BV830 & BV831 Three Way Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Blakeborough BV830/831 series are popular top and skirt guided control valves available to customers in a variety of trims, capacities, and options.

The BV830 and BV831 valves are designed for either blending two different flows or for dividing a flow into two proportional streams. The valves can be used on a wide variety of process applications, including air, water, steam, oil, gases and chemical services. The BV830 has two inlets and a common outlet branch. It is used for proportional blending of two flows into one stream, on such applications as the control of process fluid temperature downstream of feedwater heaters. The valve can also be used as a mixing valve to control the blending of two flow streams. The flow capacity is normally constant unless the valve trim is specifically designed with two different CVs. The BV831 valves are used for proportional control on flow splitting applications. The valve has two outlets and a common inlet branch.

BV990 & BV992 Cage Trim Valves Class 900lb and above

November 4, 2019|

Suitable to general, medium and severe service applications for low-medium pressure rating, cage guided, quick change trim, available in all configurations.

Cage guided design that can accommodate several options of trims with increasing performance in controlling noise, erosion and vibration Trims are interchangeable within the same pressure boundary design allowing ease of upgrade. No trim components is welded or screwed in the body ensuring simple, low cost, in line maintenance. Additional features available are: soft seating for class VI shut off, downstream silencer for noise reduction, seat diffuser for body protection, balanced pilot for high tight shut off performance, live loaded packing for prolonged high emission protection, extended bonnet for cryogenic and high temperature applications.

X-Stream trim for severe services

November 4, 2019|

X-Stream represents the state of the art in severe service trim. Innovative design and engineering techniques enabled us to deliver a multi stage trim for severe service applications.

The Blakeborough® X-Stream™ represents the state of the art in severe service trim. Combining different velocity control methods it eliminates at the root problems related to cavitation, erosion, noise or vibration. The concept derives from intuition refined by sophisticated simulation techniques and it's validated by accurate testing and hundreds of installations. Its design develops the traditional concept of disk stack multistage trim to its maximum potential combining the effect of three different methods of velocity reduction. At the same time it minimises risk of blockage in case of solids and achieves high capacity resulting in compact dimensions. X-stream™ is the only trim that ensures Total Velocity Control: fluid velocity is not limited only at trim exit but throughout the flow path.

BV500 & BV501 Cage Trim Valves up to Class 600lb Rating

November 4, 2019|

Design suitable to general, medium and severe service applications, cage guided, quick change trim, available in inline globe, angle, Y and Z configuration.

The BV500 and 501 series are highly versatile valves, and as a result we are pleased to offer the following options to customers: Cage guided Wide range of trim options Simple, low cost, in line maintenance Comprehensive interchangeable parts systems High-stability plug guiding High flow capacity Trim interchangeability within the same body design

BV 34000 Vulcanised rubber lined

November 4, 2019|

Vulcanised rubber lined butterfly valves developed to address a high quality, low cost valve, for use on corrosive line fluids such as seawater and brine.

The Batley Valve® BV 34000 vulcanised rubber lined butterfly valve incorporates a liner that is bonded to the valve body. This allows the valve to have higher closed differential pressures from full vacuum up to 20 bar g and the potential for higher fluid velocities up to 8 metres per second (dependent on valve size). The valve body incorporates a small raised spigot that prevents the body liner from being over compressed during installation.

BV 32000 Refractory lined

November 4, 2019|

The BV 32000 - Refractory lined is designed for temperatures above 1000C, or where higher pressures are involved, such as a water cooled design.

Experience of Refractory Lined Valves has been for gases at temperatures up to 1200ºC with low or negligible pressure. Materials of construction can vary considerably depending upon temperature, pressure, temperature fluctuation, flowing media, particularly in respect to oxidising or sulphurous atmospheres and clients own specifications. We recommend that the refractory cement lining is accurately cast into the body in our works to avoid problems on-site or in service.

BV 26000 Metalseal

November 4, 2019|

The Batley Valve Metalseal design lends its self for use on higher temperatures and abrasive service where a PTFE seal would not be acceptable.

The Batley Valve® Metalseal Butterfly Valve is used in applications where high operating temperatures or abrasive service preclude the use of elastomer or polymeric seals, but a superior shut-off is still required. This design is an inherently fire safe design and has a shut-off to ANSI/FC I-70-2 class IV. Double offset design and geometry of the valve and seal combine to ensure a uniform 360º seal contact in the closed position. The double eccentric action of the disk minimises wear and seating torque. Hard surface deposits such as hard Chrome plating, Stellite & Tungsten Carbide are available.

BV 22000 Hyperseal

November 4, 2019|

The Batley Valve BV 22000 Hyperseal double offset is a versatile butterfly valve available in varied sizes and ANSI classes depending on the application.

Our standard Batley Valve® BV 22000 Hyperseal can be drilled to suit international standards up to class 300lb and special valves can be manufactured with bodies drilled to suit flanges up to ANSI class 2500lb. The seat is designed to move slightly in the flow direction, this allows the pressure access to the back of the seat, thus making the seal progressively tighter as the pressure increases. Any slight deflection on the disc in the case of very high pressures, increases the tightness and shut of potential. 90º on/off action allows for fast operation and the low torque characteristics are an economic advantage in power operation.

BV 20000 Steadseal

November 4, 2019|

This double eccentric rubber seal butterfly valve is designed to ensure a uniform 360 seal contact in the closed position.

The Batley Valve® Steadseal Valve incorporates a rubber seal clamped to the vane edge and is designed to ensure a uniform 360º seal contact in the closed position. The double eccentric action moves the vane into and out the bodyseat with the minimum wear and seating torque. This valve is particularly suitable where both tight shut-off and control is required. For on/off service the valve can be operated manually or by an automatic actuator.

BV 18000 PTFE Lined Batseal

November 4, 2019|

The Batley Valve Batseal valve design incorporates PTFE to obtain maximum corrosion resistance for both shut off and control of line fluids.

This valve is bubble tight shut-off up to 10 bars depending upon operating temperature. Disk and spindle normally manufactured as a one piece unit. Lining moulded teflon FEP or virgin PTFE liner protects the body from the line fluid. Resilient silicone rubber backup strips between body and lining ensure positive contact with disk at all times.

BV 16000 SpoolSeal

November 4, 2019|

The Batley Valve BV 16000 SpoolSeal butterfly control valve incorporates the use of a replaceable rubber liner for body protection.

Batley Valve® BV 16000 SpoolSeal butterfly control valves incorporate a replaceable rubber liner for body protection. The valves are normally supplied complete with our own manual, diaphragm, cylinder or electric actuator. The rubber lining is of snap-in type which locks into a body recess and is available in various grades of rubber. The streamlined shape of the vane provides minimum resistance to flow and the swing through action prevents damage to the liner should the valve overtravel. The body is of solid ring type accurately machined for liner retention, vane and spindle alignment to ensure positive shut-off combined with lower seating torques.