Elbow Down Valves

March 24, 2021|

Elbow Down Valves are a special globe valve design used for downward vertical flow off a circulating pump. Elbow down valves are available for high pressure service in a range of sizes.

Forged Wye Globe Valves

October 8, 2020|

Trillium Valves USA™ has developed a Forged Wye Globe Valve to add to the Atwood & Morrill® product offering. These valves offer customers a forged material option for combined cycle, critical, super-critical and ultra super critical steam power applications.

Forged Parallel Slide Valves

November 4, 2019|

Forged Parallel Slide Gate valves are designed for performance in high pressure, high temperature applications. The design provides reliable, non-jamming operation.

Cold Reheat Check Valve

November 4, 2019|

Cold Reheat Check valves are designed to reliably protect the High Pressure Steam Turbine from damage caused by reverse flow and bypass steam. The design prevents reheat steam from returning to turbine on trip and protects the high pressure turbine exhaust from bypass steam and water when the turbine bypass system operates.

Main Steam Isolation Valve

November 4, 2019|

Main Steam Isolation Valves are utilized to assure rapid closure and tight shut off of the Main Steam lines for primary containment in Nuclear Power plants. The design is used extensively thoughout the nuclear fleet worldwide. The durability and reliability has been proven in service and through rigorous qualification testing.

Three Way Valves

November 4, 2019|

The 3-Way Valve is designed for installation where uninterrupted flow control from one line to another is essential. The 3-Way Valve permits selection of two different flow patterns from the same valve.

Wye Globe Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Wye Globe Valve is designed for high pressure steam and water isolation. The design provides rapid closure and tight shutoff.

Compressor Check Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Compressor Check Valve is designed to provide positive protection for the blower or compressor. The A&M® Compressor Check valve offers positive protection against sticking or hang-up and insures rapid, reliable closing in the event of a trip-out or system shut down.

Boiler Feed Check Valves

November 4, 2019|

Positive Closing Check Valves are designed to effectively prevent reverse flow and is ideally suited for high pressure feedwater and steam applications

The design uses a one-piece disc and relatively few moving parts to minimize operating difficulties and simplify maintenance. Once installed, the valve can be inspected easily without removing it from the line and internals can be removed through the top cover. The closing mechanism can also be inspected easily without removing it from the valve by taking off the cyliner to expose the piston.

FREE FLOW® Reverse Current Valve

October 17, 2019|

FREE FLOW® Reverse Current Valves are designed to give maximum protection to extraction steam turbines. Their rapid, tight closure ensures that the high level of energy found in feedwater heaters or process lines is quickly isolated from the turbine in the event of a load rejection.