80 Years of Vertical Pumps

The Trillium Flow Technologies Floway® brand is an industry leader with more than 80 years of proven experience, providing vertical turbine pumps to the water and wastewater, oil and gas, mining, energy and industrial markets, internationally.

Floway® pumps are known around the world for their superior quality, reliable hydraulic performance and long service life.

With Trillium Flow Technologies Floway pumps, you will receive service and support through each phase of your project.

Long Lasting Pumps Is Our Guarantee.

To increase the life of the Floway range of pumps, we use the most durable wear and corrosion resistant materials. Our Floway pumps are designed by our expert engineers and manufactured to strict requirements of API, HI and NSF in our dedicated state-of-the-art facility in Fresno, California, USA.

Our Focus on Your Industry Leads to Remarkable Results.

Trillium Flow Technologies Floway range of vertical pump products are recognized worldwide for superior quality, top hydraulic performance and long service life.

In applications where the cost of ownership often outweighs capital cost, we help our customers address such issues as longevity, efficiency of operation and ease of maintenance.

Through continuous improvements to materials, product design, engineering and manufacturing techniques, we minimize downtime and disruption to your operation.

Working in close partnership with you allows us to develop end-to-end engineering solutions to the technical challenges you face, delivering a genuine competitive advantage.

We provide a unique level of service and support throughout the life of your project, so you are assured of guidance, responsive solutions and long-term plans that optimize your efficiency and resources.

A Leader in Water & Wastewater.

Our Floway range of vertical impeller pumps are designed for process, water & wastewater tailing and dewatering applications.

Our Floway vertical turbine pumps are designed for NSF 61/ANSI 372 potable water applications and for other applications such as: finished water, high service, raw water intake, river water/lake intake, reverse osmosis feed, recycled water, reclaimed water, final effluent, secondary water, backwash water, brackish water, and aquifer storage in a sump (VS1) or barrel (VS6) design.

No matter your industry, the best way is Floway for highly engineered vertical pumps and a unique level of service and support for the life of your operation. Let our dedicated Trillium Flow Technologies team ensure your success and give you confidence year after year, project after project.

Pre -Purchase Support

  • Site surveys / FEED studies
  • Project timeline preparation
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Material selection advice
  • System design & drawings
  • Access to product & service based supply chain
  • Tender specification creation & support
  • Necessary standards & compliance support
  • Full technical & commercial tenders
  • Offering of configured product or engineered to order solutions
  • In many cases supply of full technical package inclusive of provisional/final drawings
  • Full references to provide peace of mind

Equipment Supply

  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Electro submersible pumps
  • Full pump skids with all ancillaries
  • Project management from basic to the most complex of packages
  • Engineered drop in replacement units
  • Capability to offer multiple manufacturing locations & localised content where required
  • Full pump, valve, turbine & motor performance testing
  • Pumpset string & endurance testing
  • Submergence, hydro & NPSH tests
  • Field testing
  • Condition monitoring on test or in -situ
  • CFD analysis

Full -Range Transactional Services

  • Full installation [JJ2] & commissioning service or supervisory scope
  • Test runs & trial operations
  • On-the-job training of operating staff
  • Verification of system requirements & conditions
  • Modularised training packages
  • Systems & operations training
  • Training in maintenance
  • Combination of classroom & hands -on learning
  • Delivered in our training rooms or at your site
  • Rapid spares from stock
  • Trillium & non -Trillium [JJ3] equipment spares
  • Inventory rationalisation & validation
  • Customer inventory reduction programs
  • Re-engineered & manufactured parts
  • On -site and workshop repairs & service
  • Performance upgrades often within same pump or valve body
  • Material upgrades for pumps & valves
  • Mechanical redesign of seals, bearings or wear parts to latest technology
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • New unit performance proven by CFD and performance test
  • Trillium & third party brands all handled with the same quality approach

Asset Management / Total Service

  • Storage of parts or complete units
  • Engineering assessment of process and performance info for pumps, valves & drives
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to exact requirements
  • Long term service agreements (LTSA)
  • Range of transactional services
  • Engineering team review & provision of upgrades and re -rates
  • Service plans and framework agreements
  • Access to extensive product supply chain
  • Global network of product material specialists
  • Embedded engineering programs
  • Failure mode & effect analysis