The Hopkinsons® brand started in 1843, when Joseph Hopkinsons began making valves and mountings in an upstairs room of a cottage in Huddersfield, England. Hopkinsons was a visionary who believed in the power of engineering during an era characterized by a strong cultural backlash against mechanization. His determination began what is today one of Trillium Flow Technologies prominent legacy brands.

Highly Engineered Valves for Long Life and Reliability.

Today, Trillium Flow Technologies Hopkinsons brand delivers highly engineered valves known for long life and reliability. From our factories in Elland, England, Ipswich, MA and Suzhou, China we design and manufacture versatile valves used in countless installations – from boilers to power plants to oil & gas to petrochemicals. We also design and manufacture boiler mountings and reheat isolation devices.

Synonymous with Excellence in Isolation, Protection and Process Control.

Hopkinsons Parallel Slide Valves and Venturi Parallel Slide Valves are considered the standard in the areas of isolation, protection and process control. Beyond our products, we offer a unique level of service to our customers ensuring that each valve functions properly throughout its life. Our range of service and support ensures that our equipment remains synonymous with excellence. We are passionate about your success.

The Energy of Today and Tomorrow

In addition to conventional energy applications, Hopkinsons valves are frequently used for isolation, control, pressure limitation, instrumentation and draining, as well as in combined cycle gas turbine power plants.

Special Applications in Nuclear

In the nuclear energy industry, we provide special applications in nuclear facilities, including steam isolation, feedwater isolation, safety and decompression.

Long-Term Confidence

As a Trillium Flow Technologies legacy brand, Hopkinsons delivers real solutions that deliver long-term success.

Pre -Purchase Support

  • Site surveys / FEED studies
  • Project timeline preparation
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Material selection advice
  • Tender specification creation & support
  • Full technical & commercial tenders
  • Offering of configured product or engineered to order solutions
  • In many cases supply of full technical package inclusive of provisional/final drawings
  • Full references to provide peace of mind

Equipment Supply

  • Butterfly, gate, globe, check, safety & control valves + actuators
  • Project management from basic to the most complex of packages
  • Capability to offer multiple manufacturing locations & localised content where required
  • Field testing
  • Condition monitoring on test or in -situ
  • CFD analysis

Full -Range Transactional Services

  • Full installation [JJ2] & commissioning service or supervisory scope
  • On-the-job training of operating staff
  • Verification of system requirements & conditions
  • Modularised training packages
  • Training in maintenance
  • Combination of classroom & hands -on learning
  • Delivered in our training rooms or at your site
  • Rapid spares from stock
  • Trillium & non -Trillium [JJ3] equipment spares
  • Inventory rationalisation & validation
  • Customer inventory reduction programs
  • Re-engineered & manufactured parts
  • On -site and workshop repairs & service
  • Outage, shutdown & turnaround maintenance
  • Rapid response service
  • Material upgrades for pumps & valves

Asset Management / Total Service

  • Storage of parts or complete units
  • Pre-storage assessment preparation
  • Monthly / quarterly checks to pre -agreed regimen
  • Pre -installation health checks
  • Complete inventory management
  • Long term service agreements (LTSA)
  • Embedded engineering programmes
  • Service exchange programme
  • Bespoke service management
  • Customer asset management
  • Power station outage management; Pumps/ valves/hydro
  • Central engineering knowledge base & support
  • Range of transactional services
  • Service plans and framework agreements
  • Implementation & operation computerised maintenance management system
  • Access to extensive product supply chain
  • Global network of product material specialists
  • Embedded engineering programs
  • Failure mode & effect analysis