Elbow Down Valves

March 24, 2021|

Elbow Down Valves are a special globe valve design used for downward vertical flow off a circulating pump. Elbow down valves are available for high pressure service in a range of sizes.

Forged Wye Globe Valves

October 8, 2020|

Trillium Valves USA™ has developed a Forged Wye Globe Valve to add to the Atwood & Morrill® product offering. These valves offer customers a forged material option for combined cycle, critical, super-critical and ultra super critical steam power applications.

Forged Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves

November 6, 2019|

BDK forged steel gate, globe & check valve are isolation valves, suitable for applications in the power, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

BDK Forged steel gate, globe & check valve are isolation valves, designed for easy installation. The strong and compact body is designed for moderate to high temperature service in various industries, such as power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Globe Valves

November 4, 2019|

Hopkinsons offer a robust general purpose range of globe valves suitable for regulating, isolating and blowdown duties.

The replaceable seat is screwed into the body, the joint being made by accurately machined taper surfaces. An extension on the underside of the valve acts as a throttling device to protect the seating faces against the scoring or cutting action of steam during opening and closing.

Cast Steel Globe Valves

November 1, 2019|

The BDK Cast Steel Globe Valves are designed to deliver efficient isolation services in for applications in high pressure and high temperature service.

BDK Cast steel globe valves are versatile, low maintenance and are designed to operate fluid regulating duties in high-pressure, high temperature conditions. Designed as per BS and ASME standards, these valves are available in varying sizes and pressure classes. They are ideally suited for applications in refineries, oil and gas (onshore and offshore platforms), fertilizer, thermal and nuclear power plants, petrochemical industries and chemical process industries.