Elbow Down Valves

March 24, 2021|

Elbow Down Valves are a special globe valve design used for downward vertical flow off a circulating pump. Elbow down valves are available for high pressure service in a range of sizes.

Forged Wye Globe Valves

October 8, 2020|

Trillium Valves USA™ has developed a Forged Wye Globe Valve to add to the Atwood & Morrill® product offering. These valves offer customers a forged material option for combined cycle, critical, super-critical and ultra super critical steam power applications.

Uniflow Slide Valve

November 4, 2019|

Hopkinsons Uniflow Slide Valves are specially designed for one way isolation and blowdown duties where there is no possibility of reversal flow.

The Hopkinsons 'Uniflow' Slide Gate Valve has been used for many years on drain, blow-down and other auxiliary services, especially in medium and high pressure installations. It is manufactured in sizes up to and including 1 1/2" bore with flange or butt weld connections according to temperature and pressure requirements. As the name implies, the design is for one-way flow only and when there is any possibility of a reverse flow, it can be used in series with a non-return valve fitted at the outlet. The Hopkinsons 'uniflow' valve is an adoption of the parallel slide valve principle but using only one disc which slides over the face of the seat, to which it is firmly held by fluid pressure in normal working conditions and by a light spring when not under pressure. The valve is fully opened or closed by a half turn of the handle or hand-wheel. To prevent rotation beyond these limits, stops are incorporated in the index plate. This plate is large, clearly marked and easy to read and can be engraved to suit foreign language requirements. No lubrication is required with this type of valve. Maintenance and the fitting of replacement parts are easily carried out as the valve can be easily dismantled without the aid of special equipment. In addition, there are no welded joints to be broken in order to gain access to the internals.

Globe Valves

November 4, 2019|

Hopkinsons offer a robust general purpose range of globe valves suitable for regulating, isolating and blowdown duties.

The replaceable seat is screwed into the body, the joint being made by accurately machined taper surfaces. An extension on the underside of the valve acts as a throttling device to protect the seating faces against the scoring or cutting action of steam during opening and closing.

High Performance Drain

November 4, 2019|

For extreme service conditions such as on superheated steam drain lines, Hopkinsons have developed a new range of high performance parallel slide gate valves.

Hopkinsons® High Performance Drains are designed to give extended service life and continued tight shut off when subject to frequent operation, two phase flow, thermal shock and large pressure drops. Unique features of the valves include square discs (gates) and 'winged' seats. These provide accurate gate guidance, low seat contact stresses and enhanced wear resistance for repeatedly handling large pressure drops in the part open position.

Full Bore & Venturi Parallel Slide Gate

November 4, 2019|

We recommend Hopkinsons Full Bore & Venturi valves when a gate valve is required for steam or feedwater duty in medium and high pressure ranges.

Full Bore: The outstanding feature of the parallel slide design is that of maintaining fluid-tightness without the aid of wedging action. No mechanical stress is exerted between the discs, and there are no problems associated with cool-down of the fluid.

Forged Parallel Slide Valves

November 4, 2019|

Forged Parallel Slide Gate valves are designed for performance in high pressure, high temperature applications. The design provides reliable, non-jamming operation.

Cold Reheat Check Valve

November 4, 2019|

Cold Reheat Check valves are designed to reliably protect the High Pressure Steam Turbine from damage caused by reverse flow and bypass steam. The design prevents reheat steam from returning to turbine on trip and protects the high pressure turbine exhaust from bypass steam and water when the turbine bypass system operates.

Main Steam Isolation Valve

November 4, 2019|

Main Steam Isolation Valves are utilized to assure rapid closure and tight shut off of the Main Steam lines for primary containment in Nuclear Power plants. The design is used extensively thoughout the nuclear fleet worldwide. The durability and reliability has been proven in service and through rigorous qualification testing.

Three Way Valves

November 4, 2019|

The 3-Way Valve is designed for installation where uninterrupted flow control from one line to another is essential. The 3-Way Valve permits selection of two different flow patterns from the same valve.

Wye Globe Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Wye Globe Valve is designed for high pressure steam and water isolation. The design provides rapid closure and tight shutoff.

Compressor Check Valves

November 4, 2019|

The Compressor Check Valve is designed to provide positive protection for the blower or compressor. The A&M® Compressor Check valve offers positive protection against sticking or hang-up and insures rapid, reliable closing in the event of a trip-out or system shut down.